Mistakes Men Make With Women

March 7, 2021 0 By king.97
  1. Nice guys finish last.

Have you ever heard this saying? It doesn’t exist for nothing, there’s a BIG truth in this. Did you ever notice that many really beautiful women don’t date nice sweet guys? I’m sure you did.

One of my friends is unbelievable. He’s married now, and I used to cringe at how he ‘manned up’ to his wife, man, he knew how to put his foot down, she’s beautiful, and she just melts in his hands.

Long before he was married, we used to hang out together a lot more, and I used to watch him. He is anything but nice, oozes confidence, he says what’s on his mind and is the opposite of needy.

Well let me tell you, women were all over this guy, I mean, we’d be walking down the street and women would just shout out how ‘HOT’ he is, or stare at him with that puppy dog look, and it was even worse when we visited Mediterranean countries, women would just walk up to him and talk to him hugging him, man he was the BOSS.

Being too much of a nice guy is basically the DEATH KNELL of attraction. Many guys are totally unaware of this and one of the first things they try to do is BE NICE to a woman they are interested in, with the hopes that she will see how much of a great guy he really is and start to feel attracted to him. That’s going to work isn’t it!

NO NO NO nooooooo, do you get the point?

This is typical ‘I have low self-esteem and need approval from you’ behaviour. This is a guy who feels he is not good enough and therefore has to ‘manipulate’ a woman by being NICE to her, showering her with compliments or gifts and rearranging all his priorities at the drop of a hat, hoping this will ‘make’ her WANThim.

OK here’s the problem with this. First of all, instead of behaving like a MAN with self respect, you’re behaving like one of her ‘girlfriends’ or worse, and in the end she’s going to say to you ‘let’s just be friends’, because that’s exactly how you’re acting, like HER FRIEND.

Now I know you’ve heard that rejection before, you know it’s happened to you, you treated her like a goddess, did everything for her and when it was time to tell her how you felt, she said she doesn’t SEE you that way, or even worse she tells you ‘you’re too nice’…

my god, that one baffled me when I first heard it, but now I understand, she wasn’t lying, I WAS ‘being too nice.’ กลุมลับ

Being nice doesn’t make a woman feel that instinctive sexual attraction for you.

And she definitely won’t see you in any other way than as a friend.

Have you ever known a woman who complains to you about her jerk boyfriend, and you’re sitting there thinking ‘if you were with ME, I would treat you so NICE’, but then in the blink of an eye she’s back with the boyfriend having the time of her life? Go figure. I don’t need to tell you why she didn’t choose YOU.

Suck it up my friend. Yeah I know, it doesn’t make any LOGICAL sense at all, and it might be hard to accept, but get over it.

You’ll never be able to have success with women until you accept this illogical FACT. So just roll with it and start changing your behavior, then you can start getting the results you want.

  1. I’m not GOOD LOOKING, and I’m not RICH

If you’ve ever made the EXCUSE that you’re not exactly Brad Pitt or George Clooney, so you’ll never get a hot high quality woman, welcome to the club, haven’t we all thought that?

This is a common male-misconception; that women wouldn’t be interested in them because they don’t have looks and money, aren’t the right height, the right weight, the right age, don’t have the right job, or the right car, or the right blah blah blah etc.